“I will provide you with more value than you paid for.”



Hi there! I’m Ross Palmer, and I established this company to help people overcome the barriers stopping them from achieving greater success. During my life, I’ve seen the way better websites, better English, better branding, and better writing can positively impact careers and sales.

I’ve been fortunate to work with top-tier corporate clients, and my texts and websites are routinely seen by hundreds of thousands – even millions – of people. I’ve helped companies get their brands off the ground online, with new websites, improved websites, and better online branding. I’ve helped countless individuals and companies with their English, writing, translation, editing, and websites at the highest level, from CEOs to HR teams to students to top-level musicians.

I love taking rough ideas and turning them into a finished product, and I love helping people express themselves in a way that will be more effective, so they can get the most out of their professional and personal lives. I’ve noticed that many brands have amazing products, but their web presence doesn’t reflect their own quality! My goal is to change that, one customer at a time.


We have extensive training in teaching all aspects of English grammar and writing. You can rely on this if you are looking to better understand the critical foundations of the language. We use the CEF (Common European Framework) to accurately assess levels. We are also experts in the specific problems that arise for Dutch speakers trying to learn English. We offer help targeted specifically at “Dutchisms” or the most common English mistakes made by native Dutch speakers. If you have ever said “How do you call it?” or asked someone to “make a photograph”, then YOU will benefit from our training!


We will keep your data safe. All communication falls under strict terms of confidentiality.  You can trust that none of your information (documents, works, contact details, etc.) will ever be passed on to any third party for any reason, at any time.  Your work is important to you and your livelihood, therefore it’s extremely important to us, too.  We value each and every client, and understand the nature of sensitive information.  In addition, unless otherwise specified, all original works remain under the respective copyright(s) of the original owner(s).  In simple terms, you will always retain credit for your work.


In addition to being fluent in Dutch (CEF Level C1.1) and a native speaker in English, Ross Palmer has a wide range of web-related skills that can help you advance your brand.


For any and all inquiries and rate requests.

    Los Angeles, California / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    (310) 310 – 1968